About WeedAfrica

Weed Africa (Not for profit) is a DPGZA™ company. Similar or on the same path as the Durban Poison Group ZA
We do not compete with the #WeedIndustry but work on its behalf. By assisting small business in particular we do not favor new, small or start-up’s at the expense of the larger or established organizations.
We do not believe handing out licenses or selling licenses proves to limit corruption instead it usually has the opposite effect.
Entry into the industry must be made available to all who are not convicted of fraud or other criminal practices.
Throughout history whenever major industries like gold mining is monopolized by big business usually with a tunnel to government any honest belief that this serves the country or economy including the tunnel digger is wrong.
The digger is dead. Individuals no matter the sex, color, creed or religious beliefs should be welcome and monitored. Those who are found to be corrupt supplying low quality or found responsible for harming our countries name commercially should be put to death.
Those who are wanting to be involved in governing should not see government as a stepping stone to throw at the legal system when they get caught by the net of corruption.
Government should understand that they govern with funds supplied by taxing citizens who earn money by working and investing these funds or a portion of these funds are meant for government not the entire share like the #Vodacom theft!
In the short term large amounts of money is *stolen as the owner should have been a private citizen who in-turn pays a large sum to the government to use to govern.
If their is a shortage of funds to govern even a fool like myself can see that owning equity thus allowing those who use the service being cellular ‘Pay as you Go’ fees to charge the highest on the planet so not only is government acting as investor but for lack of a better term is not only not serving but is now harming the poorest citizens by making a phone-call so expensive the new businesses that may have been founded if the mobile rates for the poorest people were not the highest on earth made possible by the very same government who the people elected.
Anyone who claimed those few years of ‘cashing in’ paid for whatever just don't blame it on upgrading the power stations! Nothing justifies the theft and harm during those few years of ripping-off & smashing your voters in the face! I would go as far as saying any family member of a politician must work in another country.
We believe this industry to be crucial in the economic empowerment of the entire continent. Publications & Directories. Official Website:
September 26, 2018 — Weed Africa